City of Midland

City of Midland

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Glass Traffic Beads for Pavement Marking RFQ-1862 05/25/2017
Purchase and Installation of In-Ground 70K lb. Lift ITB-3877 05/23/2017
Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch RFQ-1861 05/22/2017
Flygt Submersible Dry Pit Pump ITB-3878 05/16/2017
2017 Washington Street Reconstruction; Contract No. 12 ITB-3875 05/16/2017
Purchase of Telespar Sign Posts RFQ-1860 05/15/2017
2017 Main Street Improvements Construction Engineering Services ITB-3876 05/12/2017
2017 Main Street Improvements; Contract No. 21 ITB-3868 05/12/2017
2017 Jay Street Reconstruction and Water Main; Contract #11 ITB-3871 05/09/2017
Garage Floor Re-Coating ITB-3874 05/02/2017
Water Fittings ITB-3872 05/02/2017
Prepping and Painting Exterior Steel RFQ-1859 04/26/2017
Water Plant Lighting Installation ITB-3869 04/25/2017
Water Plant Lighting Fixtures ITB-3870 04/25/2017
Vertical Turbine Pump Replacement ITB-3867 04/18/2017
2017 Street Name Signs RFQ-1856 04/13/2017
Wood Fiber Fall Protection Material RFQ-1858 04/13/2017
RFP Washington Woods Roof Replacement ITB-3856 04/11/2017
Fire Sprinkler Backflow Preventer Purchase and Installation ITB-3865 04/11/2017
RFP Refrigerator and Freezer System for Washington Woods ITB-3866 04/11/2017
Library Grounds Maintenance ITB-3862 04/04/2017
2017/18 Sidewalk Repair Program ITB-3863 04/04/2017
Intersection Pavement Markings ITB-3859 03/28/2017
2017 Westbrier & Highbrook Reconstruction and Water Main ITB-3858 03/28/2017
Annual Dry Cleaning Services ITB-3860 03/28/2017

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